12 Instances of Competency-based Questions to Prepare for an Interview

The purpose of competency-based interview questions is to determine a candidate's suitability for a given position based on their prior behavior. These questions are formatted to assess a candidate's aptitudes, including their capacity for problem-solving, leadership, teamwork, communication, and other directly relevant skill sets. Here, we have enumerated ten different competency-based questions that can be asked during an interview are enumerated below:


How do you go about solving problems? Can you give an example of a challenge you overcame and how you dealt with it?


How have you previously displayed leadership? Can you provide an instance of how you inspired a group of people to accomplish a particular task?


Can you share a time when you had to adjust to a new circumstance or change? What were your tactics?


Can you give an instance where you exercised initiative to address a problem or enhance a procedure?

Flow of Communication

Can you give a single case where you had to communicate with someone whose viewpoint was different from your own?

Organizational Skills

Give an illustration of a case where you had to choose which of several projects to focus on first. How did you arrive at that judgment? Was it the right choice, and what resulted from ranking that task or project first?

Creativity and Inventiveness

Tell us about an instance in which you had to persuade a supervisor or senior teammate that a change in procedure or strategy was required for success. What led you to believe that the company would stand to gain from your new strategy, and what was the result?


How do you function as a team member? Can you give an example of a team project you worked on that was successful?

Time Management

How do you effectively manage your time? Could you give an instance where you had to prioritize your work?

Making Decisions

How do you go about making decisions? Could you give an instance of a tough choice you had to make?

Customer Service

What are some effective customer service techniques? What is an instance where you went above and beyond to please a customer?

Technical Abilities

Could you please describe your technical abilities? Describe a project you worked on that needed your technical expertise.

Competency-based questions, as opposed to knowledge or experience-based ones are meant to gauge a candidate's behavior in particular circumstances. Therefore, it's crucial to give specific and in-depth examples when responding to these questions. You ought to emphasize their accomplishments, any difficulties they encountered, and how they overcame them. Additionally, it's critical for applicants to realize and plan for the competencies needed for the position they are applying for.

Based on past behavior, competency-based interview questions efficiently assess an applicant's suitability for a specific role. ICS can better understand a candidate's strengths and weaknesses and whether they'll fit into the workplace culture by posing questions that analyze specific competencies. Candidates are expected to prepare by learning about the business and the position and by supplying concrete examples of their abilities.