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Distribution Solutions

Choosing the right Solution provides you with the right tools to efficiently plan,assemble, ship and deliver the goods your customers want, when they want them. Choosing the wrong distribution software solution can mean not meeting your customer’s needs and losing key opportunities to increase supply chain performance.

We know that you know your business. We also know that it's one thing to understand the distribution needs of your organization and quite another to execute at peak performance. For that, you need the right distribution process expertise + Solution which can.
  • Manage end to end procurement and logisticsBusiness process.
  • Efficient Inventory Management.
  • Integrate with Customers and suppliers with EDI, XML, and Biz Talk.
  • Manage Order Processing (Phone, EDI, and Web) and improve customer care.
  • Meaning full Use of Barcode, RFID in your supply chain.
  • Web Based Solutions.
  • Cycle Counting and Physical Inventory Processes.
  • Business Intelligence in supply chain management.

Our Distribution Business Processes expertise contributes to achieve operational excellence in key business areas, including procurement and logistics execution,product development and manufacturing, Sales and service. With our Software + Services,you can streamline your day-to-day operations to reduce costs, increase revenues,maximize profitability, and improve customer service – all key benefits to sustain your competitive advantage.

Whether you simply procure, stock, pick, pack and ship or provide extensive multi-order channel processing with fulfillment services on your clients’ behalf we have the process expertise and a solution for your needs.

Industry-Specific Process Expertise and Solutions
  • Consumer Goods