About US
ICS is a faithful fraternity of richly experienced leaders in IT and Business solutions, consolidating power, reform, skill, and innovation. As a truly independent organization, we have always placed our people at the center of all our activities. Collectively, we have dedicated ourselves to inspiring businesses globally, assisting in building the way forward for our people, customers, and the industry.

Our Expertise
Our love of technology is deep and driven by an evident view of the future. For the past 20 years, we have developed ourselves as one of the most prominent leaders in our domain by integrating steady growth with strategic acquisitions.

Our Engineering and design services help leading manufacturing and technology companies design and develop their products into reality, enhance their efficiency, and foster innovation.

Our Strategy
ICS's distinctive standing enables us to enhance the results of our clients through advancement, digitalization, and cutting-edge skill. Our expertise extends across a product's lifecycle, from design to manufacturing and in-service support, and is based on a high-quality digital set of skills.

Our Clientele
We expedite innovation and business effectiveness for Distributors, Manufacturers and E-Commerce companies. By recognizing and reacting to market challenges, ICS kickstarts our customers' innovation processes and reduces the market time for their products.

Our Mission is People
This is more than just a slogan for us. We strongly believe that when individuals feel valued, they also become competent enough to discover their truly exceptional skills, fruitful not just for themselves but also for their enterprise and ecosystem. Passion for us, in all Business Technology Solutions, is equaled only through our people-centered practices. On an everyday scale, our people do everything they can to enhance our business performance. Mainly because our mission is, and always has been, and will forever be focused on people.