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Seeking a High-Powered Career in IT?
Our ICS work squad has engineers, developers, experimenters, and program managers fervent about designing and developing state-of-the-art tech solutions that will greatly impact manufacturing. Click here to view the opportunities that you could be a right fit for.

Our Values, Our Essence
The individuals who flourish at ICS exemplify the core values below. We esteem diversity in knowledge and background while uncovering a unifying thread in each of these core values.

Unite and Evolve Together
ICS is almost like one of the products that we design. The completed assemblage is greater than the sum of its separate components. We expect you to work in uniting our team members. We hope you collaborate, be a teacher, a learner, or a mentor. Support your team members to acquire the skills and learning required to succeed. Be a learner-strive for fresh opportunities to evolve and be open-minded to the learnable moments. Stay receptive to feedback, be fully honest-aid yourself and your teammates to grow sincerely and truthfully.

Craft Your Work with Care and Concern
Perform with care and perseverance, thus preserving the technology that your team is designing. Remember that not all tasks are fun, but all are significant. Differentiate-should this task be practical? Or should it be deployable? Learn the difference and implement the proper functionality to the fitting job. Operate with intensity, responsiveness, and quickness, but consistently be ready to ask for second thoughts and help.

Concentrate on Client Success and Satisfaction
Acknowledge that the top product we fabricate is our service. The customer experience bears equal importance to the task deliverables. Place yourself in the customers' shoes, try looking at matters from their viewpoints, and be keen to communicate your own ideas. Admit that our customers market our beacon light at the end of all our associations. Be the flatterer and the detractor as both are equally necessary for robust deals and trustful relations. Let the customer be the hero of our growth tale.

Tread the Right Path Even If It Comes At a Cost
Constantly be cautious of shortcuts. Most frequently, they are long trials and distractions. Be conscious of risks, especially those related to client safety, and share such information with them when needed. As part of the team, you must bring up essential and complex issues to debate. Learn that it will usually be quicker to complete a task than to train a team member with the same job. Nevertheless, take the time to do so. Record the procedure to propel consistency and the soundest practices.

Authenticity Above Everything
Be genuine because egos derail business consistency and professional relationships. Convey your exemplary standpoints, queries, oddities, and half-cooked ideas to the discussion table. Converse but at the same time, offer space for the other mates. Specify the loopholes in your skills; communicate hindrances, responses, and blind spots. Be inquisitive and aspire for persistent self-improvement. Establish who you are and be welcoming and inclusive of others' best selves to the team.

Current Openings