Secure Extra Value for your Business with Robust Cloud Solutions.

Consolidate your IT business infrastructure by deploying ICS specialist cloud solutions that can support you in building sleek processes across the cloud using powerful integrations of brand-new technology such as hybrid cloud management.

We can fully help build power and value for your business by creating security-centric cloud solutions facilitating ease of control, the efficiency of operation, and comprehensive consistency in carrying out your entire business.

Our Cloud Services

A. Cloud Storage Services
We offer cloud storage services that are a fine combination of flexible and pocket-friendly traits blended with the basic, intrinsic cloud features. These services provide an excellent atmosphere to harbor complex data-based demands on diverse clouds.

Besides the primary cloud services, we also extend SaaS and IaaS alliances for compelling cost optimization while securing a precise, flexible, and impactful IT ecosystem.

B. Cloud Data Protection
ICS presents the thoroughgoing security of your cloud business data across both the private and public clouds. We promote compliance regulation, overcoming data breach-related risks, rationalizing the total expense, and creating uniform data control across your complete cloud infrastructure through end-to-end shielding of your critical data.

C. Improvising Office Performance
At ICS, we present state-of-the-art methods to boost your team's execution and productivity skills. We offer additional business solutions, such as Google Applications, Microsoft Power Platform, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and more to add extra value and promote streamlined business avenues.

D. Cloud Security
We offer exceptional advice on intensifying cloud security in hybrid cloud ecosystems to envelop your data in strictly-guarded bonds

E. Data Synchronizing
We equip our clients with simplified content and data sharing from everywhere and from whichever device by using our flexible data sharing, customer-centric, secure SaaS data-sharing settings.

F. Data Restoration
Our cloud services come with reliable and safe data storage abilities. Our experts additionally will assist you in developing an affirmed data recovery strategy accompanied by robust SaaS cloud storage.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Consolidating public cloud and private cloud services with a professional data and application sharing capacity between them both has earned an excellent reputation. Notwithstanding, additional challenges in hybrid cloud management are in the below aspects:

A. Security and Compliance
Combining big changes to your cloud infrastructure is yet a thing of absolute concern for data administration. Cloud architects must guarantee that a hybrid cloud ecosystem is created dynamically to reduce any shock from potential failure or malfunction.

B. Vertical Cloud Expansion
Controlling an ever-expanding caseload on hybrid cloud environments is challenging a lot of times. This could produce database configuration difficulties. Applications continue to be interconnected and can exhibit each other's roles prompting little to significant problems.

Therefore, at ICS Tech Services, we help you craft a powerful hybrid cloud stratagem to enable the seamless functioning of an expanded cloud workload.

C. Price Trouble
Although it is has been primarily acknowledged that cloud migration has decreased costs, companies treat expense as one of the biggest hurdles. Migrating your IT infrastructure to the cloud requires a decent prior appraisal. On-premise applications are developed for the best deployment, and transferring them to the cloud without systematic planning can lead to inflated costs. ICS cloud designers can help you in this stage of planning to cut down the overall price of complete cloud migration.

D. Visibility and Command
Being observant of your cloud infrastructure is not merely by monitoring manually. Controlling visibility across cloud platforms is crucial, notably when businesses begin multi-cloud utilization in a hybrid atmosphere.

The Hybrid Cloud design has seen a striking development. Numerous companies seem to work with a third-party collaborator who has advanced experience in the strong execution and maintenance of hybrid cloud deployments and efficiently addresses the troubles involved.

At ICS Tech Services, we help you with a quick configuration management procedure to handle control, grow visibility, and sustain the best via optimal usage of the existing resources.