Streamline your Digital Utility Operations with State-of-the-Art, Data-Centric Solutions

Sea changes are being witnessed by the electric, energy, and gas sectors. In order to furnish safe, robust, sustainable, and reliable utility services, these industries are moving way ahead in contemporizing and digitizing the grid to make customers aware of how to efficiently use energy.

ICS comprehends networks, strategies, processes, systems, and digital technology well. Therefore, we can duly help utilities bolster grid control and overseeing abilities, improve the security and strength of their networks, cut down service disturbance during extreme natural incidents, and handle their data assets.

Efficacy of Operations
Improve standard utility design engineering and operation capacities by deploying our solutions that integrate data, software, and technique change.

Data-Driven Changeover
Capitalizing on our digital utility services allows better-grade data precision to steer your highly-evolved distribution control systems.

Receded Risks & Costs 
Adhere to all the applicable regulations to guarantee the safety of your workforce and evade economic liabilities and penalties with our cutting-edge, data-boosted solutions.

We offer cost-optimized planning & design engineering of the utility delivery network and infrastructure that is crucial for unending and consistent supply and success.


The fast-developing grid infrastructure is a persistent problem for the utility sector. There is a pressing demand to transform network modeling and overseeing in the current legacy systems. Segregated systems need integration for sounder data management due to asset data quality concerns and the lack of dedicated network connectivity ideals. The massive volume of operational data needs rigid quality control and digital outlets for effectual network management.

ICS spatial services range from network design, utility asset management, and asset analytics, and by capitalizing on these, utility firms can confront business challenges in stride. Furthermore, our services cut down the risk of asset failure, thus speeding up operations more safely and robustly with enhanced price optimization.

Data Collation 
ICS spatial collation solutions can help combine numerous datasets and support utilities in aligning the current asset data sets with spatially authentic maps.

Data Migration
Our data migration services deliver the suitable tools to migrate their data from several legacy systems to an industry GIS application.

Spatial Engineering Services
Our spatial engineering services help you automate conventional, labor and cost-consuming processes such as data processing, encroachment analysis, and determining network defects from imagery gathered by drones.

Data Upkeep
ICS offers utilities data management assistance to guarantee that network data is valid and updated in their GIS and different operational systems.


Utilities the world over are emphasizing digital technologies in their endeavor to update grids and network acquisitions. Nevertheless, they usually labor with flawed data quality and accumulation methods, stringent regulatory procedures, and pricey tools. The condition to protect vital network assets from natural tragedies and the stress of securing data quality for correct reporting is placing unparalleled strain on the industry.

ICS offers solutions to data quality limitations, missing information, and data management with grid solutions focused on future needs. By enhancing data administration, assembling advanced grid insights, and delivering spatial and circumstantial awareness of network assets.

Cutting-Edge Grid Intelligence
ICS offers utilities data management assistance to guarantee that network data is valid and updated in their GIS and different operational systems.

Data Management Services
Deal better with data quality and management obstacles, create advanced grid intel and generate spatial awareness.

Disaster Operations Management
Handle disaster-based risks with an expert solution that exploits geospatial and location-centric services. Our services help design a clear disaster response plan by promoting early risk review and impact conception.

Mobile Workforce Regulation
Simplify field procedures by automating operations and scrutinizing employees and assets. Our solution offers more prominent task visibility to enrich worker efficiency and guarantee safety measures.


Due to a limited view of network assets, inferior data quality, and scarce resources, utilities have a hard time fulfilling the rising customer and regulatory markets. ICS presents comprehensive geospatial data solutions that capitalize on the maximum potential of cutting-edge technologies, an international delivery standard, and refined, secure procedures adhering to the ISO 27001 security criteria. 

Finer Operational Efficiencies
We offer accurate network corridor visualization, seamless asset management, and improved service trustworthiness, with solutions that can easily and quickly integrate easily with enterprise systems.

Lower Cost of Maintenance 
You can be assured of automated data processing, asset detection, condition inspection, and reduced uncertainties in data purchase.


Utilities face continuous pressure to supply dependable and consistent services while also upholding security and low charges. Due to unfavorable weather, a speedy recovery after power outages raises a fundamental challenge for utilities. Utilities must therefore bring in cost-optimal planning, building, and upkeep of their delivery infrastructure.

ICS has been supporting businesses in becoming future-equipped by integrating significant utility experience with our engineering expertise. We present the best standard services to finish undertakings and seamlessly resume operations.

Field Inventory Control
We offer an exhaustive, safe, and unified platform that sustains all the elements of data-centric exercises for large-scale field inventory agendas.

Design and Planning
ICS supports utilities in planning and designing their electric and gas networks by deploying our rich expertise in design norms, procedures, and systems.

Computer-Aided Drafting and Power-line Systems
Our professionals employ software to work with topography modeling, spotting, engineering, and drafting for a practical design. Our 3D spatial relationship management proficiency delivers that added advantage of detail on structures and other topographic data.