Today, businesses face a plethora of problems due to distribution, such as increasing prices, inconsistent supply chains, dynamic consumer demands, and ensuring a time-bound, swift delivery. In such a scenario, distribution companies have to be constantly vigilant of the risks involved, or the stakes for losses stay high.

In addition to this, distribution companies should also be on the lookout for a rapidly flowing expansion into new markets, rising competition, and also balance seamless operations within limited costs and satisfying order fulfillment.

Companies need a consistent aide and ally to tackle the challenges described above. The aide can help with their technological needs and help them set the processes and resources in motion. Such an aide should also be deeply acquainted with the industry know-how and have a profound touch with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Why ICS for Distribution?
At ICS, we deploy these exact abilities and expertise to help you achieve your business goals, from controlling your inventory and earning the much-required visibility of the entire supply chain to providing an unfailing and outstanding customer experience. We ensure that you will retain both the knowledge and a prudent solution for steady success when the implementation is done.

Our distribution specialists work with your team to develop and implement a fully-operative solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central at its core. This unique solution comes with robust functionality, which can be used as a solid footing to produce a solution customized to your distinctive needs.

Financial Assessment and Reporting 
You will be able to assess the past and existing processes to distinguish the most worthwhile ones and make precise projections to decide your business's future direction. We also help you effortlessly handle transnational business operations, including addressing multi-currency transactions and complying with the local and global regulatory norms.

Procurement and Purchasing 
Streamline procurement and purchasing with compliance in a bundled, automated solution to sufficiently control prices via enhanced capabilities and boost transparency in your procurement cycle.

Better Revenue Tracking
With ICS support, you can better handle the procedure of tracking promotions, expenses, and discounts, to optimize your profit margins and sidestep losses. We help you track cost performances for margin security and gauge the trade spend that is allocated and implemented to retain your competitive advantage.

Inventory Prediction and Restocking
You can positively predict inventory needs and customize your inventory control systems with collaborative projecting and full access to recorded data, tendencies, and market situations. 

Inventory Handling
We help you demarcate profit margins, set accordant costs, work on pricing points, track the stock and inventory levels, and be up-to-date with customer requirements. 

Promotions and Pricing
ICS empowers your business with the agility and flexibility to handle and rightly tailor your pricing and promotions to serve your necessities. Work on income optimizing pricing methods using real-time information, insights from previous campaigns, existing market needs, and consumer behavior. 

Elegant Order Processing
ICS offers fully integrated tools such as a sales price engine, email-based invoicing, sales commission control, evaluated shipping costs, and mobile device help to ensure streamlined order processing.

Shipping and Reception
Attain control of your shipping processes, enhance shipping prediction accuracy, reduce omitted shipments and inapt packaging, and enrich customer delight. Guarantee that the quantities of the goods received match the orders and deliver notifications to supervisors throughout the system.

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