ICS promises an unwavering dedication to product quality, invention, and service. We've got you covered if you are seeking a place to design a unique precision gear.

The Best-Grade Gear Design Services to Gear up Your Business.

We hold vast experience in gear engineering and design, so clients come to us when they are on the lookout for an exceptional solution to their gear design requirements. Right from the impulse to fruition, we vow to work with your team to offer proficient gear design aid all through the design life cycle. Our design services and expertise with SolidWorks and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) enable us to provide outstanding support and capacities to unfurl a wide range of gear design services. Our services cover:

Gear Prototyping
Organizations often need prototype gears at the time of new product development to demonstrate high design efficacy. Being a custom gear design company, ICS can design prototype gears that are nicely compliant with stringent customer conditions. We also help in gear design or function from clients' drawings to deliver the same gear prototype the customer needs.  

Manufacturing-Centric Gear Design
For large-scale production, gear design is a critical step. Coming up with gear designs that are compatible for easy manufacturability is our exceptional strength. Such a process enables all the likely problems to be uncovered well ahead of time in the design stage. This helps save precious time. We take pride in our comprehensive capacities in gear design for manufacturability. We will operate with you to ensure that all the essential elements such as price, quality, dependability, and a faster go-to-market are rationalized to fulfill your design objectives.

Reverse Engineering
The reverse engineering strategy includes dismantling a gear or assessing and examining it. This is a valuable method to decrypt several typical gear design problems, such as deciding the gear geometry that needs replacement or redesigning a gear without the initial drawings. Our skilled team utilizes this method to define the right gear geometry by deploying cutting-edge measurement and assessment tools. 

ICS also gives our customers the option to redesign their gears without having to always begin from scratch. Our instrumental design teams work with our clients to enhance gear quality even if their gears need only minor modifications or a whole redesign.

ICS also offers consulting services ranging from entire gear design to re-grazing the customers' current design to optimize performance. Our gear arrangements include cluster, planetary, differential, and combinations. The types of gear mesh we deal with are involute and cycloid (gerotors).

We've successfully assisted several satisfied customers in creating the right-fit gear design solutions they required, and we would value the possibility of doing the same for you. Please get in touch with us to know better details about ICS gear design services.