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We actively seek partners and clients for BIM services to enhance project potential. Through seamless coordination, we integrate all project data into a unified model, nurturing collaboration among developers, consultants, and contractors.
Our focus extends to supporting client projects and establishing multi-departmental teams, utilizing the latest technology. ICS provides integrated Architectural, Structural, and BIM services, employing Virtual Construction Services, Clash Detection Services, and 3D BIM Coordination on a unified platform. This streamlined approach eases coordination measures and minimizes disputes among diverse disciplines for our customers.

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BIM Consulting

We help devise BIM standards, provisions, and templates to provide rich integration with current or future management services. Our experts can assist your team in using BIM as a helpful tool all through the project lifecycle, covering superior planning, program breakdown, project depiction, design & construction, and structure management.
ICS BIM Consulting Services:
  • BIM Execution Integration, Workflow Arrangement Process Endorsement, and Assistance, Creation of Templates.
  • BIM Audit, Standard Compliance, Implementation Plans, and Reviews, Best Practices Review.
  • BIM Design Automation.
  • Process Automation and Integration, Documentation and Customization.
  • BIM Standardization.

BIM for Owners and Agents

ICS comprehends the complete prerequisites of the Construction Manager, Program Director & Facility Supervisor at the time of the design & building operations and accordingly is sufficiently qualified to sustain the general BIM necessities from the owner's standpoint.
ICS BIM Services for Building Owners:
  • BIM Project Consulting.
  • Audits and Constructability Reviews.
  • Unifying BIM with IoT Framework.
  • Virtual Design and Construction.
  • Sustainable BIM.
  • BIM for Facility Management Modelling.
  • Tracking Construction Progress.

BIM for Engineers and Architects

At ICS, our Building Information Modeling Services lead the way in the Digital Transformation of Construction. From transforming 2D files into BIM models to providing cutting-edge hosting and technology infrastructure guidance for entire BIM models, we ensure a seamless journey. Our services enhance collaboration among teams and project participants at various stages of the design lifecycle, offering crucial content creation support for customers and larger projects with project-specific requirements.
ICS BIM services for Engineers and Architects:
  • BIM Implementation and Standardization.
  • Clash Detection and Resolution.
  • BIM for Sustainability.
  • BIM Automation.
  • BIM Modeling and Documentation.
  • Visualization with AR and VR.
  • Smart Family/Content Creation.
  • Software Customization, Integration, and Design Automation.

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BIM for General and Business Contractors

ICS BIM services are built to support General and Business Contractors in coming up with sounder and prompter strategies. We loom over BIM from the building side and help virtually construct the building just like it would be built in real life.

ICS offers help to General and Business Contractors in:

  • Visualization, Renderings, and Animations.
  • Precursory BOQs (Bills of Quality) for Analysis.
  • BIM Modeling & Conflict Recognition.
Pre-construction Phase:
  • BIM Production (Laser Scan / Tender Drawings).
  • Constructability Reviews, covering Trade Coordination.
  • Value Engineering and Cost Optimization.
  • Shop & Installation Drawings.
  • Model-based QTO's (5D).
  • Equipment Validation, Selection & Sizing.
  • Construction Sequencing (4D).
Construction Phase:
  • Enhancing the Model with Asset and Space Data.
  • Revamping the Central Model with the on-site Modifications.
  • As-Built Deliverables.

BIM Services for Infrastructure - Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

We have witnessed substantial growth in executing BIM strategies for transport infrastructure undertakings in the past few years. All infrastructure assignments scheduled using a BIM-based technique furnish a breadth of attractive advantages to all the project stakeholders.

A few of the most noteworthy ones are design optimization, enhanced cost estimation as a result of minor rework, rarer errors & cost decline, progress in project schedule execution, enriched complicity, adequate project familiarity due to 3D visualization, improved communication between different parties and generation of vibrant design and data to be used to assist operations ultimately, upkeep, and asset administration.

ICS BIM Services for Infrastructure Design and Construction Projects:

  • BIM-oriented Orderly Management of Value Engineering Data and Generation of Fresh Ideas.
  • Visualization.
  • Pass through Videos.
  • 3D Model-based Bill of Quality (BOQ).
Precise Design:
  • Design Automation.
  • 3D Model of the Current States of a Site.
  • Bills of Quality (BOQ).
  • 3D Models for Vision.
  • Clash Coordination Models.
  • Intricate Design Models.
  • Family / Content Creation.
  • Model-Based Quantity Lift-off (QTO) (5D).
  • Construction Sequencing (4D).
  • Coordination of Multi-Disciplinary BIM models.
  • Machine Guidance Prototypes.
  • As-built Modelling.
Facility Surveillance:
  • Virtual Reality Modelling.
  • Asset Regulation.
  • Security & Risk Oversight.

BIM for Factories and Plants

Worldwide, firms concentrate on factory-digitization of their plants by embracing BIM processes for diverse strategic goals.

ICS confederates with Plant Owners and Operators, Process Consultants, and key System Suppliers in our BIM endeavors across the project lifecycle, straight from conception to processes.

Phase of Conception:
  • Space Planning by Visualization.
  • Basic BOQs for Evaluation.
  • BIM for Proposal Engineering.
Pre-construction Phase:
  • Project BIM Implementation Planning.
  • Site Planning by Visualization.
  • 3D Space Planning that covers installation marking & supervision of work areas.
Phase of Construction:
  • BIM-based GFC Sketches.
  • Complex Design Models at various Levels of Detail (LOD).
  • Constructability Studies & Buildability Depictions.
  • Cable Trays, HVAC Ducting, Utilities.
  • BIM-based precise Quantities and Costing (5D) with ERP Integration.
  • BIM for Sustainability Design (6D) - Energy Load Analysis.
  • BIM - Scan to 3D Smart Model.
  • Construction Sequencing (4D).
  • As-built Modeling.
Phase of Post-Construction:
  • As-Built Verification.
  • Virtual Reality Modeling.
  • Security & Risk Management.
  • Legacy Shifting - P&IDs / SLD in Intelligent Format.
  • Digitization of Assets - Digital Twin (Point Cloud / Laser Scan to BIM).
  • Design of Catalogs - Material / Vendor-oriented, Smart Family / Content Creation.
  • Unification of BIM Models / Information with IoT Framework.

BIM for Design Automation

ICS offers BIM Process Automation services to develop software agencies and solutions that profit architectural, structural & MEP counselors worldwide.

The unification & automation of design and its execution are critical in Architecture, Construction, and Engineering-based undertakings. We closely collaborate with architects & consultants (clients) to improve BIM productivity to rationalize operations & effectiveness during the planning, documenting, and production stages.

We specialize in creating personalized devices and solutions to automate diverse BIM processes, redundant and repetitive tasks, custom computations & briefing on the Autodesk Revit platform. Some of such solutions are:

  • Unified Design Computations & Design Review.
  • Automated Quality Checking & Reports Generation.
  • BIM Procedure Standardization.
  • BIM Design Automation.
  • Data Supervision & Collaboration.
  • Integration with Autodesk BIM 360 and Autodesk Forge.
  • Tailored Schedules and Reports.
  • Easy Integration with Third-Party Systems.
  • Simplified Integration with AM / FM Systems.
  • Enforcing AR / VR for Operations & Maintenance.

Scan To BIM

All over the world, businesses desire to digitize their assets in a cost & time-saving method for different strategic demands, such as renewals, upgrades, proliferation, progress tracking, optimization, and installation management. Based on the customer's digitization requirements, ICS estimates and advises all the likely options and helps convert digitized data into smart documentation and 3D / BIM models cost-effectively.
We hold expertise in investigating point cloud data and swiftly designing an objective & elaborate BIM model from it. We process the laser scan data to conceive the point cloud file employing the best-standard processing software. This can then be utilized for 3D modeling, evaluating headway, or considering different choices.

Buildings and Infrastructure, We precisely generate explicit 3D Models from a point cloud and support them in various stages of construction.

  • 3D BIM Model product from point cloud at distinct LOD Levels - This can be utilized for Construction Scheduling.
  • Project / Construction progress tracking of real and on-site construction.
  • As-built Modeling and Drawing practice for Plan, Elevation & Section Sheet.
  • Extensive ground Modeling - using a drone to retrieve Point Cloud Data for Terrain Modeling.
  • 3D Modeling of extensive road Networks using Point Cloud Data.
  • Facility Management.

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