As a rising business frontrunner, one understands that infrastructure and building requirements are evolving every day both in terms of pacing up with the latest regulatory conditions and also capitalizing on the advantages of contemporary technological growth.

Rising population, varying demographics, quick urbanization, embracement of intelligent technologies, sustainability, and security truly influence how buildings and structures are conceived, constructed, and operated. Proprietors, contractors, and firms are leveraging smart technologies & processes like Building Information Modelling, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Building Automation, the Internet of Things, etc., to remodel the design and lifecycle management of establishments and their associated infrastructure.

ICS offers a full-bodied spectrum of architectural and multi-departmental engineering services that are deployable to every stakeholder in a traditional, stably-built setting: from the developer/owner to the contractor. We have functioned with diverse esteemed global and regional companies on undertakings across the multifarious building and infrastructure segments, employing state-of-the-art technologies that promise expense and time-saving, enhanced quality, and speed-centered project delivery.

ICS BIM Consulting Services
  • Transportation Infrastructure.
  • Water/Wastewater Supply and Treatment.
  • Land Development/Civil Works.

Our Service Hand-Outs
  • Pre-Bid/Tendering.
  • ASMEP Detailed Engineering.
  • BIM Consulting, Implementation, Modeling and Process Automation.
  • Digitization/Scan to BIM.
  • 3D Rendering & Visualization/AR/VR.
  • Production Modeling/Detailing-Precast, Rebar, Steel, CFS, Timber, Facades.
  • Software Design Automation & Platform Customization.

By collaborating with ICS and our expert network of designing specialists, you can be confident in the control and fulfillment of your building and infrastructure needs. We can also support you to better your sustainability record and demonstrate responsibility towards sustainable best practices at every step of your operations, being construction and service acquisition to site disbandment.

ICS assists you all through the asset lifecycle in the building and infrastructure sectors. We furnish earmarked solutions from diverse flexibility analyses to construction and asset operations.