Here’s how you can prepare for Business Roles in ICS:
Interview with the Recruiter
Interview with the Recruiter

Interviewing with our recruiter can be a valuable opportunity for job seekers. Our recruiters provide insights into the job requirement and connect candidates with our requirements. During an interview with a recruiter, it is essential to be prepared and professional. Research ICS and the types of roles we specialize in to ensure that your skills and experience align with our needs. Be prepared to discuss your qualifications, work history, and career goals. Ask the recruiter for feedback on your resume and any areas where you can improve your job search. Be open to discussing any opportunities the recruiter may present, but also be clear about your priorities and preferences. Overall, treat the interview with the recruiter as a chance to build a positive relationship and establish yourself as a strong candidate.

Interview with the Hiring Manager

An interview with our hiring manager can be a crucial step in the job application process. It's an opportunity for the candidate to learn more about our company and the role, as well as for the hiring manager to evaluate your skills and fit for the position. During the interview, you need to be prepared with thoughtful questions about ICS and the role. You should also be ready to discuss your qualifications and experiences in detail, highlighting how they can contribute to our company's success. The hiring manager may ask various questions, from behavioural to technical, to assess the candidate's suitability for the job. They may also discuss the company culture and expectations for the role.

Hiring Manager

Online On-site Interviews

  • Role-Related Interview with a Teammate: You will have the chance to meet a team member with whom you may be working closely. They'll question you specifically about the job in relation to it.
  • Interview about work history with the Hiring Manager: The hiring manager will spend more time getting to know your background and working style in addition to responding to any further queries.
  • Partnership Interview with a Member of the Cross-Functional Team: We want to know how you've collaborated with various parties and viewpoints to achieve a common objective. We may be looking for some of the following abilities: communication, teamwork, impact, problem-solving, high uncertainty, navigation, and the capacity to make things happen.
  • Interview on Manager Attributes (for Manager Candidates): We will concentrate this interview for positions with direct reports on your approach to leadership and management, including how you draw in, keep, and motivate team members.
Final C-Suite interview(s):
As the last stage of our process, you will have the chance to meet with a member of our advisory and executive team. Please be ready to talk about your goals, values, and reasons for being interested in ICS and this opportunity. They'll want to comprehend your objectives, passions, and driving forces.