Smart Warehouse Management with Business central


Smart Warehouse Management with Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Smart Warehouse Automated Data Capture System (ADCS) gives you the ultimate control over your inventory. Utilizing bar code and radio frequency (RF) technology, Smart Warehouse ADCS makes inventory control faster and easier, while increasing productivity and the availability of accurate inventory data throughout your company. And it does it all in real time.

Hit the inventory bull's eye

After ICS implements Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Smart Warehouse ADCS in your company, every employee will have access to real-time, accurate information. No more guesswork. No more hoping an item is in the warehouse. No more missed sales due to incorrect data. Additionally, company management can base critical decisions on rock-solid information - reacting to changing stock levels as necessary to improve productivity across the enterprise.
You can even share your inventory information with suppliers and clients to further streamline your operations.

Smart Warehouse ADCS Key Benefits:
  • Enables real-time collection and use of accurate inventory data
  • Utilizes radio frequency (RF) technology to improve warehouse efficiency and productivity
  • Increases accessibility of accurate inventory data through out the company

Features Overview
  • Count items for a physical inventory
  • Cycle count items without freezing bins
  • Move items from bin to bin
  • Pick items to be shipped
  • Put away received items

Mistakes are the enemy of speed

Manual input leads to manual input errors. And errors mean increased warehouse costs and lower profits. Smart Warehouse ADCS removes human input error from the data collection process, helping you optimize stock level by avoiding stock waste. Plus, accurate location information allows inventoried allows inventoried items to be found quickly and more efficiently. And once found, Smart Warehouse ADCS supports the physical handling of items by confirming picking and putting away actions. The system's easy-to-use interface can even be customized to mimic your warehouse workflow step by step, making every one's jobs easier - even temporary workers will be able to fit into the workflow with minimal assistance.

Because Smart Warehouse ADCS works in real time, your employees can track items all the way through the warehouse. And with automated access to accurate inventory data, busy periods with high stock turnover are much easier to manage. You will also realize reduced buffer levels, which permits greater efficiency and flexibility in using warehouse space. Ultimately, an ICS Smart Warehouse ADCS implementation leads to greater productivity and enhanced customer service.