Shop Floor Control


Shop Floor Control with Business Central

Automate the collection of production data along with employee time and attendance information by using ICS Shop Floor Control extension from within Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - and get accurate, real-time insight into your production environment.

Clean up the production clutter

Manual collection of production information is often slow and prone to inaccuracies. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Shop Floor Control, employees can register information in one easy-to-use system, providing greater fidelity and speed. The system supports the use of bar codes for even faster input of raw materials consumption and time used per individual task. Bar codes are automatically printed on all relevant production reports.

Shop Floor Control Key Benefits:
  • Improve the efficiency of shop floor operations with fast registration of accurate, real-time production information
  • Reduce manual data entry with automated collection of employee time and attendance

Features Overview:
Collection of Employee Time and Attendance Information
  • Advanced time profiles for both groups and individual employees
  • Automatic profile research
  • Work planning tool for setting up shift schedules
  • Handling of personnel absences
  • Collection of machine time
  • Notice Board with individual messages and receipt feature
  • Two-step validation procedure available to check time
  • Calculation / approval status
  • Configurable registration forms
  • Password-protected validation
  • Reads and writes bar codes for easier input

Collection of Production Information
  • Operations registration on time and units
  • Bundling of operations - allows the same employee to work on several operations simultaneously
  • Team function - a team leader can to register information for a team of employees
  • Collection of non-productive time
  • Direct integration with the production modules
  • Quantity feedback on production orders with use of multiple errors causes, integrated picking list update and validation quantities
  • Overview of the production situation
  • Simulation of when operations should be completed based on time allocated
  • Reads and writes bar codes for easier input

Automated collection of employee time and attendance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Shop Floor Control significantly decreases the time spent performing administrative tasks, while increasing the reliability of employee time and attendance data. Time profiles can be set up for groups or individual employees which are then automatically selected every time a specific employee logs in. For example, time profiles could be set up in groups assigned to the day, evening and night shifts; or, they can be as granular as one specific profile per employee.

Effectively tracking and managing non-productive time and absences is greatly simplified with Shop Floor Control, Custom categories - such as illness, Meetings, Training or Vacation - may be created to define non-productive time. This permits tracking of employee time away from work more precisely, and helps you better analyze your use of resources.

While a powerful addition to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation, Shop Floor Control is also easy for your employees to use. Simple operational functions and user friendly screens minimize training time and costs, Reports are clearly visible on-screen, so users can see the data they are delivering to the system.