Search Engine Marketing


E-Commerce Search Engine Marketing

"If you build it, they will come" may work for football fields in Boston, but the same certainly doesn't hold true for websites. Turn to us for your SEM needs and start driving traffic to YOUR website.

Search Friendly Design

We design and build each website with search engine visibility in mind. We adhere to search engine friendly design and coding best practices which will ensure that your new site is designed to be found and indexed by the major search engines. Our best practices allow for the custom tailoring of important HTML elements on which search engines place priority such as site maps, title tags and hidden tags like Meta description and Meta keywords.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

In order for your organization to rank well, you must go beyond search engine friendly design and actively optimize your website. Getting your website picked up in the search engines is one thing. Getting your website to rank well in the search engines is another factor altogether. It's imperative in today's market to actively try to outplace your competition. This can be done through a coordinated search optimization campaign with us.

We begin by conducting an analysis of a website: its design, content, keywords and the structure. We provide a snapshot on what a related industries are at in search optimization, based on the feedback our search engine marketing professionals come up with a custom search engine marketing strategy which will contribute to the website overall search engine visibility.
Some of the expert areas are:
  • Title tag optimization
  • Content Development Strategies
  • Link Popularity Strategies
    • Internal Link Building
    • BackLink Building
  • Rank Monitoring and Maintenance

We have expertise on Pay per Click advertising; email marketing, online banner advertising and gross root marketing.