Inspection Management with Business Central


Inspection Management with Business Central

Keep your shop floor humming with the high-efficiency power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Inspection Management & Quality Control. Using historical data and sampling algorithms, your inspector will reduce sampling time, automate rejection returns and make vendor selection a simpler, more accurate task.

Inspection made simple

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Inspection Management, your shop floor inspectors can specify a variety of parameters for each individual item. From physical measurements to testing results to anything in between, anything that should be inspected will be inspected and recorded appropriately. By applying sampling techniques and skip logic rules, the inspection process can be speed up to achieve a much more efficient flow of materials while still increasing the overall quality of raw materials used.

While inspection data may naturally include physical characteristics as size, weight, shape, etc., the inspections are not limited to such attributes.

Inspection Management & Quality Control Key Benefits:
  • Accurate inventory listing with individual item inspection information
  • Uses sampling and skip logic rules to reduce sampling time
  • Automatically routes rejected items back to the vendor
  • Uses historical vendor quality data to select appropriate supplier for specific items
  • Reduces shop floors scrap

Features Overview
  • Automatic inspection list generation at the receiving point.
  • Uses sampling algorithms to reduce physical quantity inspected
  • Uses skip logic rules to skip unnecessary inspections
  • Tests vendor samples and stop to inspect unapproved vendor samples
  • Facility to inspector to inspect from inspection list
  • Automatically returns rejected items to the vendor
  • Creates material rejection notice (MRN) for rejected items and automatically sends it to vendors via e-mail or fax
  • Determines appropriate supplier by using historical vendor quality performance data

Vendor samples and quality control

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Quality Control streamlines the inspection of vendor samples and the selection of suppliers for new parts or renewed inventory. Prior to sending a full lot, vendor-provided samples are inspected according to determined parameters.If the samples fail inspection, the skip logic rule bypasses the entire lot, which will then need to be inspected separately.

Using statistical sampling and historical data, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Quality Control can help determine the appropriate vendor for a particular item. By relying on this combination of data and modeling, a clearer picture of vendor quality can be achieved- at a much faster rate.