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CAD Drafting Services

At ICS, we believe in tools and talent dovetailed in the same current to render the grand suite of our design services. We are dedicated to presenting truly viable design solutions that employ technology to accomplish industry goals.

Our teams are the best-in-business, with extensive consulting experience, deep technical crafts, and a sweeping business vision. With verified procedures and a practical technique, this pool of talent makes ICS exceptionally suited to tackle your most challenging difficulties in design.

We at ICS are one of the best-in-industry design businesses in providing CAD design services, 2D, 3D CAD Drafting services, HVAC Drafting, Plumbing, Electrical Drafting, etc. We consider delivering the expected design to our clients as our highest priority and are steadily extending our services for the industry's evolving demands by presenting the intended solutions with a competent and qualified team.

Industries we serve:

1) Construction:

Our design employs state-of-the-art design software, which incubates every course design feature such as shelters, fairways, 3D contours, and paths, facilitating agile project cost budgets, and realistic deliverables. We provide design services for Architectural drafting, Structural drafting, Electrical drafting, Plumbing, HVAC drafting, and Interior Designing.

2) Aerospace & Aviation:

Our rich domain expertise lets our design engineers render modular service concepts, extending from conceptual design to end-to-end design and analysis. We undertake computer-aided engineering design service projects including Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Controls, Mass, and Structure. We seem to be a light guide for bringing in a thriving clientele in the aerospace and aviation industry in the coming years.

3) Manufacturing:

ICS has vast experience in various manufacturing design processes that encircle levels from a design brief, study, manufacturing drawings, and virtual prototyping by leveraging our prowess in engineering and manufacturing design. We present design solutions related to manufacturing, such as the production run of products.

4) Medical Devices:

We pioneer the relevant design development of medical devices by providing an adequate medical device design that accounts for healthcare regulatory compliances, product specifications and delivers workarounds that delight the end user's requirements.

5) Industrial Products:

Embarking the design need prospects of cross-sectional industries is what we take immense pride in. You can trust us in our sharp ability for the computer-aided design development demands of any product in any industry.

6) Electrical Industry:

Design Engineers at ICS assist in the design development of specialist machines, equipment, and systems for the electrical industry. They work jointly with other engineering disciplines to guarantee that the project and our client requirements are fully met. We generate an efficient design for electrical industry equipment such as Lightning Protection Systems, HVAC systems, and other electrical systems.

7) Telecommunication:

Our expertise in telecom design is unparalleled and highly proficient with telecom infrastructure design services cut across design and detailing for Greenfield, Rooftop, and Multi-Operated sites. Our active management secures reliability, and we can be a trusted design partner to Telecom infrastructure businesses far and wide.

8) 2D CAD Drafting:

We design industry-specific toolsets and AutoCAD web and mobile apps for better workflows and boosted productivity from anywhere. Speed up work with specialized toolsets and libraries for architecture, mechanical design, mapping, and more.

9) 3D BIM: (Business Information Modeling):

We deploy Revit, a prominent Building Design and Construction application essentially used in mechanical, electrical, and building design. Architects, designers and engineers take the help of Revit application to draw propelled 3D drawings or models.

A few construction disciplines that use Revit are Architecture Modeling, Structure Modeling, MEP Modeling( HVAC, PLUMBING, ELECTRICAL Services), Interior Design and Landscaping, and Family Creation for different Disciplines.

10) Customizations:

Our flexibility in designing custom products can remodel your CAD to BIM and vice versa in a hassle-free manner, thus saving your design time and cost. We also develop the design and customized applications for AutoCAD according to our customer’s requests and requirements.

We promote our engineers to use design data interchangeably between the mechanical and BIM ecosystems without redoing the Revit design. The easy-to-operate UI and the option to simplify the model make the interoperable means practical and pliable even for novices in designing.