Know the when, where and who

Often, it's not enough to simply know that a database, has been changed or what the change was. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Change Log History Management provides your systems administrators with the ability to track all user-made changes to the database. Each change is recorded along with the username of the employee who made the change and the time that the change was made.
Additionally, the Change Log History Management software is version-wise, recording the version information of the database in which the change was made.

Change Log History Management Key Benefits:
  • Less data redundancy, execution time and maintenance compared to standard change log functionality
  • Robust archiving of change log history with restore functionality

Features Overview
  • Automatic monitoring and recording of database changes
  • Tracking down to the user level
  • Time stamping
  • Archiving and restoration functionality
  • Easy-to-use interface

Keep a history of your history

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Change Log History Management provides the ability to archive successive versions of the change log history. The archives can be restored by simply undoing the change log archive. With Change History Log Management, your system administrators will be able to delve deep into past change histories to help troubleshoot errors, find necessary data or track down which user has responsible for a given change.